What if I Need a Program Refund?

To start, this program is life-changing--with tens of thousands of members--and we are so grateful for the wonderful community that has come from the STEP program. (You can check out our testimonials page here!) 

That said, we do have a generous 60-day money-back guarantee! You have a full 60-Days to test-drive and implement Steps to Everyday Productivity; if you feel it isn’t a good fit for you, we’ll help you proceed with the refund process.

To request a refund, simply send an email to Email@LearnDoBecome.com (it does need to be within your 60 day window, though!). From there, we will verify your options with you to see which is the best fit, and if you prefer a refund, we simply process it for you on our end. It takes about 5-7 days for the funds to be returned to you, and then we move forward from there.

We also encourage you to keep the following in mind as you're making this decision: 

  • Lifetime Access: This program has lifetime access (if you don't have time for it right now, that's fine! Your login will never expire, and you can always come back to the program to start where you left off.)
  • Power of the Program: If you haven't opened the program or gone through any of the steps, you most likely haven't experienced the power this program will bring, yet--it's worth a shot, we promise! 
  • Best Ever Offer: The pricing and bonuses that you were able to get when you purchased are the best that they will ever be. You can always come back, but you currently have the best offer you will ever have!
  • Community Support: If you currently have the STEP mastery program, please make sure you have already checked out the facebook member group where there are thousands and thousands of people ready to support you through any roadblock. The sense of community is awesome with STEP!
  • Mastery Resources: Also, if you're in STEP Mastery and have any questions about your live Q&A calls, gifting self study for a friend, gifting mastery for a spouse, or taking advantage of the support material database, we strongly encourage you to log into the program and take 10 minutes to explore what you have! We're also willing to re-start your Q&A calls, or do whatever we can on our side to make this experience wonderful for you.
  • Financial Challenges: If you're having a financial challenge, this program is actually designed to help you resolve those exact challenges in a step-by-step system (see the pictures below for some testimonials on this topic!)

You came to us with a purpose, and we would love the opportunity to help you to create a solid command central. While we fully stand behind our money-back guarantee, we do want to make sure that we provide the support you need. 

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