Mastery for a Spouse

If your spouse is interested in the STEP program and you are a STEP Mastery member, you can set them up with their own account (more information on this below!). We do ask that the individual with which you share the program meets the following criteria: 1) They are, ideally, your spouse or life partner--living in the same household as you, 2) you share the same bank account, and 3) you share responsibilities in taking care of the home, family, etc. 

What if I want to Share the Access with Someone Who is Not My Spouse/Partner?
Some people have asked if "spouse" or "partner" access could be applied to a different friend, family member, or business partner. (Perhaps when someone does not have a spouse or partner--or if their spouse/partner is not interested in STEP...which we understand.) 
While we recognize there are a variety of situations that pop up, we do ask that spouse/partner access only be given to someone who meets the criteria listed above (same household, same bank account, shared responsibilities, etc.). If you qualified for a free Self-Study program to gift to a friend, that is an excellent way to share the program with a friend, parent, adult child, relative, etc. 
We appreciate your support in protecting the access to the STEP program and enabling us to continue to provide excellent service by enabling each customer (your friends, family, etc.) to purchase his or her own program.

How do I Share the Program? 

To share the program with a spouse/life partner: log in to your account, click "Programs" on the top of the screen, and it will pull up the page with your STEP program, the link for the registration page for Mastery access for a spouse, and the link to gift Self-study for a friend if this applies to your account.

This is a one time link, so be sure to have the email address ready when you click on the registration link! Because you and your spouse have a unique login, you can make progress individually or work together, and you both have access to the Facebook group and Q&A calls What an amazing opportunity to get to experience this program together, and we are so excited for you!