How Do I Navigate My New STEP Program?

We are so excited to have you with us! You are going to love our STEP Program, and we are happy to help you learn the ropes of navigating to the different areas of it.

Finding Your Program Type and Gifting Access to a Spouse or Friend
Click on "Programs" at the top of the page to find the programs you have purchased, as well as any free bonus gifts specific to your program purchase. If you purchased within the limited offer time frame and would like to give spouse Mastery access or the free STEP Self-Study gift to a friend, please click on the icon and be ready with their email address. Once you've submitted their information, we will set them up with their own accounts and send them an email with their login details. You will also see any additional clubs or programs that you are participating in on this programs page.

Finding Your STEP Payments, Updating Payment Details, or Changing Your Password
The "My Account" tab is where you can view your STEP payments/invoices, update your payment details, or change your password.

Accessing the Content of Your Program
You can access your program content in two ways: 1) Click on the program icon on your "programs" page, or 2) Click your program in the sidebar on the right side of the page. (If you purchased STEP Mastery and only see "STEP" listed, do not worry! The first 8 modules of the STEP system are the same for both programs, so we simply refer to it as "STEP.") Once you've clicked into your program, the section below on the right sidebar labeled "Lesson" is the Lesson (or Module) List. The modules are links so you can go directly to the module by clicking on it. Beneath that section, you will find our "Program Navigation" section. You can click on the triangle to open up the different steps that make up the module. This helps for you to get to a specific section within a lesson. (See the image below for a visual explanation!)

Making Progress
The "Progress Indicator" that you see at the top of the screen will update if you click on "Complete" at the end of each step you complete. If you prefer, you can also track your progress manually using the STEP Program Checklist (STEP Printables are found in Getting Started - Step 2).